Photo: Tom Shaw (c)

Photo: Tom Shaw (c)


Sophie Hellyer is a surfer, writer, environmentalist and cold-water swimmer who divides her time between Cornwall and London. She's also a yoga teacher, women's retreat host, model and public speaker.

Sophie grew up in Devon and became a champion surfer at national level. As her career progressed, she began to recognise the inequalities of her industry and became determined to foster a more diverse and inclusive surfing culture. She also became a prominent voice on matters of ocean pollution, plastic waste, sustainable fashion and eco-friendly living. In 2018, she was invited to give a TEDx talk on sustainability in the Netherlands.

Sophie has a highly-committed social media following via @sophiehellyer on Instagram. She also created the #RiseFierce movement to inspire women to try cold-water swimming, to promote body-neutrality and to improve mental and physical health.

Sophie qualified as a yoga teacher in 2018 and now regularly hosts women's retreats. She has also written for publications such as The Independent, GQ Magazine and Surf Girl, and modelled and produced for major brands such as Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Toyota.

Outspoken, unflinchingly honest and passionate about her work, Sophie hopes to enlighten her audiences and promote meaningful change in society.


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