Land of Contrasts // Surf Sessions Mag

It was dark and we were about to jump overboard into unchartered waters. Fortunately, the full moon lit up the shore a few hundred metres in the distance. Our little ‘dhoni’ boat had run aground on a shallow offshore reef in the Maldives and we had to sacrifice ourselves – the heaviest ‘cargo’ on the boat – with the hope that our lighter vessel would rise to safety with the next swell …

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The Power of Sharing a Photo // TEDx

I finally get to share my TEDx talk with you. It’s about the power of social media to organise and promote environmental activism but in it I also manage to wave my mooncup around on stage, throw a tampon applicator at someone and say ‘poo’ three times.

I’ve included a manuscript below for people who are Deaf or have hearing impairments.

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Overly Honest Product Reviews // Safety Razors

This is the second in a series of overly honest product reviews, bought to you by some cringe worthy experiences, one mention of my labia and a small amount of credit card debt.

After the disconcerting success of my period pants and mooncup review in which you can read about my grazed labia here, I thought it best to continue on with product reviews that may also be useful to those of you wondering whether to make a purchase or not.

I recently bought a metal ‘safety razor’ and had quite a few questions and requests for reviews about it, so here goes, overly honest product reviews take two.

Side Note: I'm not paid to say this and it is not #spon or #ad.

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