In My Bag // Sustainable Travel Essentials

I've been asked quite a few times what my sustainable travel essentials are. I always travel with a few simple items that mean I can refuse single use plastic, and here they are...

In my bag...

Knife - A wooden knife not only means I never need use a plastic one, it can also fly in my hand luggage unlike the swiss army knife. This one was from portobello market.

Spork - An essential for eating on the go. I tried a plastic one before this but it snapped in half after a couple of weeks. This one is U-Konserve from @therefillshoppe

Toothbrush - In the US alone, an estimated 1 billion brushes go to landfill every year. Brushing with bamboo is the obvious answer, just throw it in the compost after use. Mine is from @thebamboobrushsociety

Water Bottle - I take a water bottle EVERYWHERE, from yoga to the plane, plastic water bottles are my pet peeve. My favourite are the @kleankanteen bottles with sports tops that are carabiner friendly.

Shampoo & Conditioner - I normally try to use bars instead of those tempting ones in shiny plastic bottles. My favourite are from @lushcosmetics. I recommend Big for salty mermaid hair. 

Sunglasses - I don't leave the house without my sunnies, and after several years use, when my last pair broke I bought exactly the same pair again. These are from @dickmobyamsterdam. They are made from recycled plastics, the case from recycled leather and even the cleaning cloth from recycled plastic bottles. 

Straw - Not for everyone but I drink a lot of smoothies, juice and gin and tonics! If you go for a walk on your local beach you'll notice straws littering the shorelines. There are metal, glass or bamboo options. Mines a metal one from @therefilleshoppe, with a homemade little sleeve to stop it from dripping juice in my bag!

Coffee Cup - Hot drinks are a massive part of my lifestyle, post cold water swim or surf. I've had a lot of cups over the years but my firm favourite are the glass & cork ones from @keepcup. They also have silicone versions that breakeven in 15 uses. Save trees, water, landfill, greenhouse gas emissions and our oceans whilst enjoying your latte. 

Journal & Pencil - I take my diary everywhere, and am always on the look out for beautiful journals made from recycled paper. 

Oils - I'm not a big fan of perfumes, their excess packaging and nasty chemicals. Instead I take organic essential oils with me, either my own blend or something nice from Neals Yard Organics.

Toothpaste - I travel with a little glass jar that i refill from a fluoride free, cruelty free toothpaste.

Not pictured...

Bags - I'm in love with all @matt_and_nat handbags, vegan and sustainable, and for travel bags @homeofmillican

Swimwear - I take my toggs everywhere, and mostly wear brands that use recycled fabrics. Theres too many to name but try @davyjs or @finisterreuk

On the eternal search for...

Razor - a wooden or metal razor to replace my nasty plastic one.

Towel - an eco travel towel that doesn't cost the earth.