Overly Honest Product Reviews // Safety Razors

Mutiny Shaving // Three Piece Safety Razor

This is the second in a series of overly honest product reviews, bought to you by some cringe worthy experiences, one mention of my labia and a small amount of credit card debt.

After the disconcerting success of my period pants and mooncup review in which you can read about my grazed labia here, I thought it best to continue on with product reviews that may also be useful to those of you wondering whether to make a purchase or not.

I recently bought a metal ‘safety razor’ and had quite a few questions and requests for reviews about it, so here is my overly honest product reviews take two. I did question whether it would make me a bad feminist to promote shaving body parts so that we conform to societal beauty norms, but hey ho, I still shave my pits, so here we go.

Side Note: I'm not paid to say this and it is not #spon or #ad.


Billions of disposable plastic razors end up in landfill every year. I haven’t been able to find a very specific statistic, but it was said to be 2 billion in 2014 in the US alone. I had previously been using a Gillette Venus razor for years, which has a reusable plastic handle but a disposable plastic blade that came in nasty plastic packaging that I replaced every… while (how often are you meant to change your razor blades? I was going to lie and say every month but realistically I leave those blades on there until they are pretty much rusty. I know, I’m gross, but those blades are damn pricey). Razor blades might seem like small pieces of plastic but seeing as 32% of plastic products end up in the ocean, and it’s the small pieces of plastic that kill our wildlife and enter our food chains, I thought it best to finally ditch my disposable habit and by a real ethical razor.



There seem to be several different types of metal safety razors on the market. I went for the Mutiny three piece safety razor as a couple of people on my instagram and twitter feeds recommended them. It’s a good looking razor and I do feel pretty smug when I go in the bathroom and see this alongside my bamboo toothbrush. The razor comes with 5 free blades to get you started and I’m hoping it will save me a fortune over the years, as fore-mentioned, those Venus Gillette razor blades don’t come cheap. It also came in 100% recyclable packaging and from what I can tell, will not pollute the planet like a disposable plastic razor. So 5 gold stars for looking good and not being wrapped in plastic.


First things first, how the ruddy hell do you use it? I don’t feel like too much of an idiot asking this as someone messaged me on insta to ask the same question. If you are used to a plastic razor with 4 blades like me, then this thing looks truly terrifying in comparison. I gently poked around the head trying to work out which was the sharp bit but it took me several minutes to work out it didn’t have a blade in yet.

I then had to go on youtube to work out how to insert the blade, which now I know how is ridiculously easy. Just twist the handle so it unwinds, and this allows you to place the safety blade into the head. On that note, I have no idea why it’s called a safety razor or safety blade, these things are kind of terrifyingly sharp and scary looking.

My first few shaves with this were very slow and cautious compared to my normal quick whip around. My over cautionary shaving technique led to only one small nick on my shin. I’ve sped up the process a little now but I still proceed with huge caution around my ankles/ knees/ achilles/ lady bits. The result is a real nice close shave although more often than not I’m too scared to shave the bony parts so you may spot me with hairy knees and ankles.

I normally get a bikini wax but every now and then I do shave in between appointments if I have a date. I am in no way shaming the bush here, sometimes I rock a full ‘fro (is that me culturally appropriating? - genuine question). However after many years questioning myself I’ve realised I do wax for me, not anyone else. I prefer the feeling when masturbating (#girlswanktoo). TMI? Apologies. I always found women’s plastic razors never got a close shave and I was always left with a bit of a stubbly lady zone to be honest. On the odd occasion that I’ve stolen my dad’s metal razor, (sorry dad) or boyfriend’s, (sorry ex boyfriends, don’t worry Jonny I haven’t used yours yet), I always found theirs had a much closer shave. Don’t lie, you know you’ve been stuck somewhere before without your razor and pinched somebody else’s. Anyway this whole paragraph was a long way round saying the safety razor shaves a lot more like the mens razors that I’ve used before, which means no more stubbly vulva. That said, do be bloody careful. It’s a very sharp blade and some awkward angles down there and no one wants a shaving cut on their labia.



The razor was £11.99 including postage and packaging, which if you ask me is a bloody bargain compared to the corporate goliath’s currently dominating the shaving industry. These companies charge extortionate prices for over designed razors that you don’t need and are non recyclable.

Also, did you know women tend to pay a higher price or “pink tax” on gender specific products? Razors are the second most marked up item when considering price disparity and women pay about 11% more than men for roughly the same product. Grrr, but hurrah for the gender neutral razor!

Plus Mutiny donate a percentage of our profit to various environmental organisations to ensure they are a zero-carbon company.


The Mutiny razor produces zero plastic waste, is eco & vegan friendly, cruelty free and contains no harmful chemicals. I couldn’t actually find any information on where/ how the razor itself is made or who makes them, so bear with me while I continue to research that one - or if you know the answer please leave it below in the comments section.


As far as zero waste, value for money and a close shave go, I have absolutely no complaints about my razor and I’m delighted with my purchase. The only two points I have are 1) shaving will take you a couple minutes longer as you’ll have to be extra careful not to nick your shins or ankles 2) I really doubt this would go through security in hand luggage, and I’m not sure how easily I would get hold of new blades in remote locations, so I’ve kept hold of my little plastic travel razor for now for any quick trips where I’m not checking in a bag.

You can buy one here: http://www.mutinyshaving.co.uk/product/mutiny-razor/

No, I don’t get any commission. I just get to rest easy knowing that I may have prevented some plastic pollution and diverted some money away from a giant corporation and into the hands of an indy artisan.

If you have any other requests for overly honest product reviews please leave a comment below or drop me a mail or dm. Over n out.