Land of Contrasts // Surf Sessions Mag

It was dark and we were about to jump overboard into unchartered waters. Fortunately, the full moon lit up the shore a few hundred metres in the distance. Our little ‘dhoni’ boat had run aground on a shallow offshore reef in the Maldives and we had to sacrifice ourselves – the heaviest ‘cargo’ on the boat – with the hope that our lighter vessel would rise to safety with the next swell …

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What Are You Made of? // The Sustainable Swimwear Guide

A lot of you have been asking about my swimwear over the past few months, so I thought I’d update and repost my sustainable swimwear guide. I try to buy everything I wear consciously and not fall into the consumerism trap too often (all though I'm occasionally slip up and find myself on the high street).

Side Note: This is not an ad. I don’t have any sponsors and I pay for all my swimwear, these are just genuinely the brands I wear and love. In no particular order...

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The Independent // Voices

This week was a hard week for me, regardless of whether you've read my previous blog post, this article should explain everything. 

As a female athlete, I’m upset by how the media has portrayed me – and I’m determined not to be quiet anymore - click here to read the article.

A massive thank you to the Independent for giving me the opportunity to share my voice. Especially to Chloe Hubbard, Assistant Editor, who was the first female journalist to reach out to me, and Rachael Revesv, Commissioning Editor, for editing like a boss and allowing me to keep my voice.

Empowered humans empower humans. 

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Embracing Winter // The Women's Retreat

October 21st - 25th 2018

I am finally hosting my first ever retreat. Not somewhere tropical, but on my doorstep. This is not just another surf & yoga retreat...

This is your chance to immerse yourself in rural West Ireland, embrace the outdoors and to blow away the cobwebs while stretching your body, calming your mind and soothing your soul.

This retreat experience, created by myself and friend Michelle Moroney who has been teaching yoga full time since 2003, is aimed at empowering women to discover their passions and create lasting change. During this 4-night retreat, through a balance of yoga, outdoor adventure and relaxation, Michelle & I will take care of the agenda so you can really let go and enter into retreat mode.

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