What Are You Made of? // The Sustainable Swimwear Guide

A lot of you have been asking about my swimwear over the past few months, so I thought I’d update and repost my sustainable swimwear guide. I try to buy everything I wear consciously and not fall into the consumerism trap too often (all though I'm occasionally slip up and find myself on the high street).

Side Note: This is not an ad. I don’t have any sponsors and I pay for all my swimwear, these are just genuinely the brands I wear and love. In no particular order...

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Overly Honest Product Reviews // Period Pants

This is the first in a series of overly honest product reviews, bought to you by some cringe worthy experiences, one photo of my bum and a small amount of credit card debt.

After sharing my mooncup woes a lot of you requested feedback on my knickers, because, lets be honest now, how many pairs of your regular underwear has aunt flo destroyed? I know, i know. ALL. OF. THE. PAIRS. Including that very favourite pair that I refuse to throw away, even with the stains.

So here goes, the first in the series of overly honest product reviews is the much awaited, worryingly frequently requested, she thinx period panties. I'm sharing this because 100 million girls are missing school just because of their periods. Lets break the period taboo.

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Call Me Woman // Chelsea FC

I was really happy to see Chelsea FC making progressive steps toward gender equality in the news last week with the name change of their club from Chelsea Ladies FC to Chelsea FC Women. After reading some news that seemed to skim passed the change like it wasn't important, and a couple of articles that began to look a bit deeper into the issue, I wrote an opinion piece that delved a bit further into explaining the importance of language when talking about women's sport and female athletes. 

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