Nordic Camp

A cold water surf trip in the second least densely populated country in Europe, Norway was an unforgettable experience.

We rented a van and drove north as far as we could manage, taking ferrys every couple hours to cross the Fjords. We spent the first night asleep on the road side in our sleeping bags and were woken by a 4am sunrise, rain on our faces and a giant rainbow. That day we pitched a tent up just up the coast and that’s where we spent the next 10 days.

We had an 8 man Swedish army tent with a wood burner in it, but it was a challenge to keep the wood burner going the whole time when we were in the sea or asleep.

The days were spent surfing, fishing, hiking and exploring. We would catch a salmon and cut it open and eat it straight in front of the fire. There’s something about living in the cold water environment that makes you feel connected and relaxed. You can spend your whole day watching the surf through the door of the tent and time it perfectly.

I’ve never been on a trip where the whole crew got on so seamlessly! After a week of camping in a wet windy tent, our last night in Norway we slept on a road under the stars, once again. This was a real cold water surf camping trip and I loved it.