The Independent // Voices

This week was a hard week for me, regardless of whether you've read my previous blog post, this article should explain everything. 

As a female athlete, I’m upset by how the media has portrayed me – and I’m determined not to be quiet anymore - click here to read the article.

A massive thank you to the Independent for giving me the opportunity to share my voice. Especially to Chloe Hubbard, Assistant Editor, who was the first female journalist to reach out to me, and Rachael Revesv, Commissioning Editor, for editing like a boss and allowing me to keep my voice.

Empowered humans empower humans. 

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The Beauty Myth // We Are Looking Sideways

In this podcast myself and Matt Barr discuss my move away from “the dream life”, bikini modelling for big surf brands and travelling the world, to slowing things down and immersing myself in the cold waters of Ireland. We discuss female objectification, the toxicity of gender stereotyping in surfing, and the prism of controversies that come along with it. 

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Introducing X Surf Series

A little series that started on instagram...

For all the women here and the ones I haven’t featured yet; the young ones in surf league, the ones who are away travelling, the original ones who were surfing here long before I blew in, the ones who are in the sea all the time but no one has ever thought to capture it for you, the ones who are so shy and humble they quietly asked me not to be featured. I salute you.

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The heart of things

28-year-old surfer, environmentalist and farmer Sophie Hellyer grew up on the wildest edge of the North Devon coast. It is a place of nautical heritage, brutal Atlantic storms and an aesthetic of otherness.

“I’m still in the process of finding home,” she says. “There’s something to be said for leaving the place you grew up in and exploring what is right for you. Eventually, hopefully, you can find a place that you have created as your home, rather than just having it as a static thing.”

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Surf Girl Magazine

This summer I became the first British female to feature surfing on the cover of Surf Girl Magazine. It was also the first cover to have no logos, branding or sponsorship. I was surfing in a bikini made from recycled plastic bottles and riding a hand made wooden surfboard. We never dreamed of getting a cover shot this session, it was just a regular simple fun surf, so I'm delighted they used the shot and what it represents. I think I am becoming less of a surf girl and more of a water woman...

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