Looking Sideways // Bonus Episode

While I was in London this week I met up with my friend Matt Barr for lunch, and we had a good little catch up on the whole media farrago I was in over the last couple of weeks. 

We discuss some pretty complex and complicated issues about the relationship between surfing and gender, like how the surfing industry tends to publicly support male dominance, how this builds a culture that serves to support patriarchal ideology, and why I feel it's unhealthy for everyone no matter their gender identity or expression. We also talk about the need for a greater diversity of female role models in surfing to avoid the damaging monoculture we are so often presented with, and touch on the complex issue of the people who ask "what about the men?!".

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Introducing // Dearbhla Glynn

Human Rights Filmmaker, Journalist, Photographer, Woman, Storyteller, Yoga Instructor, Realist and many other things. 

Dearblha is the most humble person I know and one of my favourite humans, Since meeting her my life motto has become “be more like Dearblha.” I’m so proud to call her my friend. 

Dearblha spends her free time immersing herself in the culture of conflict war zones, getting to know the inhabitants capturing deeper elements of the stories of war, sexual violence and the biggest refugee crisis in history. From Congo, to Gaza and Haiti, Dearblha raises awareness and humanises the stories of the suffering in conflict war zones to make them relatable to those more fortunate, and we owe it to them to listen. 

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The Independent // Voices

This week was a hard week for me, regardless of whether you've read my previous blog post, this article should explain everything. 

As a female athlete, I’m upset by how the media has portrayed me – and I’m determined not to be quiet anymore - click here to read the article.

A massive thank you to the Independent for giving me the opportunity to share my voice. Especially to Chloe Hubbard, Assistant Editor, who was the first female journalist to reach out to me, and Rachael Revesv, Commissioning Editor, for editing like a boss and allowing me to keep my voice.

Empowered humans empower humans. 

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Media Wars // An Open Letter To The Press

When the news isn't news and last years blog post is taken out of context, spun into something negative and splattered all over the internet.

In a week where Marielle Franco was shot dead, Palestinian children remain imprisoned and their human rights violated, a week where thousands of women worldwide suffered FGM, whilst the Great Pacific Garbage Patch continues to grow exponentially, a car bomb killed 14 in Somalia, and 28,300 people were forced to flee their homes due to conflict and persecution each day, my story seems fairly irrelevant.
I’m not sure why this week an article I wrote last year has been splashed all over the papers, my words taken out of context and the true meaning completely overlooked, when there are such hugely devastating and pressing issues all around us.

This has happened to me before and I have kept quiet. I am not a young girl any more, and I will stand up for my voice to be represented clearly and correctly. 

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Embracing Winter // The Women's Retreat

October 21st - 25th 2018

I am finally hosting my first ever retreat. Not somewhere tropical, but on my doorstep. This is not just another surf & yoga retreat...

This is your chance to immerse yourself in rural West Ireland, embrace the outdoors and to blow away the cobwebs while stretching your body, calming your mind and soothing your soul.

This retreat experience, created by myself and friend Michelle Moroney who has been teaching yoga full time since 2003, is aimed at empowering women to discover their passions and create lasting change. During this 4-night retreat, through a balance of yoga, outdoor adventure and relaxation, Michelle & I will take care of the agenda so you can really let go and enter into retreat mode.

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What Are You Made of? // The Sustainable Swimwear Guide

A lot of you have been asking about my swimwear over the past few months, so I thought I’d do a post to share. I try to buy everything I wear consciously and not fall into the consumerism trap too often (all though I'm occasionally slip up and find myself on the high street).

By the way, this is not an ad. I don’t have any sponsors and I pay for all my swimwear, these are just genuinely the brands I wear and love. In no particular order...

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Introducing X Surf Series

A little series that started on instagram...

For all the women here and the ones I haven’t featured yet; the young ones in surf league, the ones who are away travelling, the original ones who were surfing here long before I blew in, the ones who are in the sea all the time but no one has ever thought to capture it for you, the ones who are so shy and humble they quietly asked me not to be featured. I salute you.

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Islands in the Stream // The Maldives

I hadn’t thought about the Maldives as a Country rather than as a destination. This was the most significant lesson I learned and I am not sure why or how I had come to know none of what I learnt. This year they reintroduced the death penalty, and with the Islamic law a child as young as 7 can be tried, the Maldives is 100% Islamic. That the men can have four wives and women one husband. That lashings and floggings still occur, sex outside of marriage is illegal, that they have a brown sugar (cheap dirty heroin) problem and it is one of Asia's richest countries...

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The Cove Collection

I met Zoe at the launch of Backwash Magazine earlier this year and she gifted me two pieces from her collection. The jewellery is not only incredibly beautiful, but also made from recycled and eco silver where possible, and offcuts of different woods which would otherwise be wasted. The packaging is also made from eco natural cotton and cardboard. So lovely to see jewellery handmade in the UK with sustainability at its core.

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Winter has officially begun in Ireland and I am surfing an overhead left point close to our house with no one around. It doesn’t look pumping from the road, its hidden away a little from the beach where the wind feels onshore. After years of searching for a paradise on the lower latitudes I found the wave I was looking for all this time, I had been here as a child in a van with my father and sister, sat on the rocks but had the secret hidden in some soft corner of my mind.

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